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Architectural Peacekeepers: From Cast Stone Copings to Pillar Caps

In the world of architecture, there are so many important features to be aware of, and when it comes to enhancing your property, you may be wondering what all these features really do. While many stone architecture features are great aesthetically, they each serve a great purpose too.


Our blog dives into some of the key architectural features you should be aware of, beyond their aesthetic value. To learn more about the purpose of pillar caps, stone copings and more, keep on reading! 

pillar cap

Architectural Features For Homes

Pillar caps and concrete sills may be features that you’ve seen a lot on people’s homes, and they are great for a grand, elegant aesthetic. From an architectural standpoint, these features can really elevate your home, but not just by improving its curb appeal.


There are a wide range of architectural features out there, and some of these stone features are commonly found on homes. But why? Read below to discover why these stone architectural features are so important for your property!


Pillars are an architectural feature that can be found on many homes and properties. They can create a grand and majestic look for your home. Pillars have been used in ancient Roman, Greek and other historical periods to support the weight of large structures. Common materials back in the day could have included marble or limestone, creating grand supportive structures.


Stone pillars are placed vertically and carefully to support the weight distribution of a building, but you may also spot them on walls or beside gates. They withstand the test of time with the help of pillar caps too.

Pillar Caps

Pillar caps are an excellent addition to your pillars, but not just because of their aesthetic value. While they add a great finishing touch to your pillars, they serve a range of protective purposes too. They can create a grand aesthetic, with elegant designs and creating cohesion across the entrance of your home.


But, looking the part isn't all pillar caps are good for! They provide excellent protection to your pillars by protecting them from the elements. By shielding your pillars from the weather conditions, and erosion from rainfall, they keep your pillars intact for longer, even extending their lifespan. They reduce the amount of weather erosion your pillars will sustain, and slanted designs will encourage rainwater to fall off the pillar caps, further protecting your pillars and walls.

Coping Stones

Cast stone copings are another great way to elevate your home while protecting your walls and pillars. They come in a range of customisable designs, making them a viable option for a range of homes. By choosing your own style, you can perfectly design your stone copings to fit the vibe of your home, elevating its curb appeal massively.


Aside from the polished look they give, stone copings are also very effective in protecting your structure from weather erosion. Usually made from aggregates and cement, these finishing touches are perfect for protecting against wind and rain, as well as preventing water from seeping into your structure. This helps to keep your structure strong and stable, even during the harsh winter months.


Much like pillar caps, cast stone copings help to deflect rain water and protect your structure from the wind, however stone copings are designed for protective measures rather than aesthetic value. While you can customise your stone coping to suit your home, their primary purpose is protective.

Concrete Sills

Concrete sills offer a grand and modern aesthetic to your home. They can be customised, allow you to personally choose a style that fits your home and brings in an element of cohesion across your property. You can match your stone window sills to your home, copings and wall pillars to tie it all together. Stone window sills are a great way to bridge the gap between weather resistance and aesthetic value, making them an extremely valuable asset to your home.


But, aside from their aesthetic value, they have protective features too. Much like the other stone features we've discussed, stone window sills are perfect for weather resistance. They will usually be made from durable materials such as concrete or cement, meaning they can withstand stormy weather and strong winds.


Their slightly slanted design also makes them excellent for directing water away from your structure and preventing it from infiltrating. This helps to protect your structure while also adding a modern and sleek look to your home.


Balustrades are another architectural feature to be aware of, and could be a great addition to your home. They are usually found on porches, decking, or slightly elevated areas of your home. They are a row of small columns, often topped with a rail, providing a visually pleasing design. They are quite common features which are also a practical solution for your elevated outdoor areas.


Balustrades can provide a great safety measure for elevated areas, mitigating accidental falls and keeping the area more structurally sound. You can find balustrades made in a range of different materials, bridging horizontal and vertical spaces. 

Common Materials For Stone Structures

Pillar caps, concrete sills and other architectural features can be made from a range of different stone materials, and choosing the right one for your home may seem like a challenge. Read below to learn more about some of the materials that can be used for architectural features on your home.

Cast Stone

Cast stone copings, as the name suggests, are made from cast stone. Cast stone is a mixture made up from fine aggregates, cement and colouring, which is then poured into moulds to create the desired shape. It is cheaper than natural stone, while mimicking the shape and design of natural materials. Cast stone is extremely durable and weather resistant, making it a viable option for outdoor architecture.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a slightly more expensive option, where natural materials are sourced from the Earth to create these outdoor structures. They are often unique in design and are durable like cast stone. They provide excellent protection against the elements and are extremely strong, making them perfect for architectural features.


Pillar caps and window sills tend to be made of natural stone, such as marble, limestone or granite. These materials add a perfect finishing touch to your home, and showcases the beauty in the Earth’s natural materials.


Window sills and pillar caps are often made with concrete, which can be a more affordable option in comparison to natural stone. Their cost effective and versatile nature means they are great for outdoor structures and weather protection. Concrete can also be a customisable feature, allowing you to shape and design these materials to fit your home’s aesthetic.


You may find balustrades made from glass, as they can create a sense of transparency and openness in your outdoor space. They may be framed with materials like aluminium or stainless steel, which are very popular for minimalistic designs.

Shropshire Brick & Stone

Shropshire Brick & Stone are reliable architectural cast and stone suppliers. WIth our team of qualified specialists, we offer a range of premium quality cast stone products and services. Based in the heart of Shrewsbury, we continue to maintain our town’s beautiful architecture with our quality construction.


We offer a range of services from premium installations to decorative stone features. To learn more about our services, or browse our range of styles, feel free to check out our website! Alternatively, you can contact our team today to find out more! Give us a call on 01743 861111 or get in touch today!



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