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Are Precast Stone Products Sustainable Building Materials?

When building or renovating a home or property, one of your key considerations may be how sustainable your build is. Whether you are trying to use recycled materials or minimise the impact your build has on the environment in the long run, there are many ways you can build more sustainably. Precast stone is a building material that offers more environmental benefits than other materials.


If you are considering using precast stone products, here is how they are more sustainable.

Wide cast stones

Cast stone uses less concrete

Precast concrete slabs from quality cast stone specialists use a lot less concrete for the same coverage because of the design optimisation and minimal waste. Precast stone products can use up to 30% less concrete.

Cast stone is recyclable

Cast stone is a recycled material itself and can also be recycled after it is finished. Cast stone uses concrete which is a recyclable material. The precast stone from demolished structures can be reused as concrete aggregates. Precast stone takes the recycled materials further and reuses the water that an on-site concrete mix consumes. Through these controlled conditions, the waste concrete can be recycled into the process. During the making of precast stone, materials are reused such as the use of fly ash and recycled steel.

Resource efficiency

The production of precast stone is well-controlled and made with industrial technology on a large scale. This means it makes the best use of resources including concrete, water, energy and labour. When concrete is made on-site, a lot of resources go to waste which leads to lower resource efficiency. Additionally, precast stone products incorporate insulation layers in the concrete slabs themselves, minimising the need for further insulation later on.

More durable

Many of the carbon emissions from building a structure come after it is constructed. This is because of the energy and resources needed for maintenance, heating and cooling and repairs. However, when it comes

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