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Bespoke Decorative Items That Can Be Made Using Stone

Stone decor can boast an attractive, natural and timeless look that makes for great statement pieces to incorporate into your home or garden. However, natural stone can be an expensive resource; thankfully, you can get the same effect from cast stone.

Cast stone is a unique and highly refined building material that is a cost-effective alternative to natural stone, all while being durable and versatile whilst having an attractive appearance. We’ve listed below a couple of ideas for bespoke decorations that you could have made out of cast stone that would make great additions to your home.

Stone Plaque


Stone plaques make for understated yet aesthetically pleasing decorative features, and they can be used in numerous ways. One such way is for them to be incorporated into or fixed onto the wall of your property. If your house has a name, then this could be carved into the plaque, making it identifiable for any delivery drivers or visitors all whilst remaining tasteful and in keeping with your home’s appearance.

In addition to this, stone plaques also work excellently in the garden. Whether they feature one of your favourite gardening quotes, an illustrious design or a commemorative message for a lost pet, stone plaques could be fixed to a garden wall or even simply just resting against the base of a tree or nestled into some foliage - adding a personal touch to your garden without looking out of place.


If you’re looking to add some variety to your garden in terms of colour and texture, then stone plinths could be the way to go. Not only do they give your garden an almost regal and mysterious feel that transports you back in time, but they are great for placing in bare areas to fill the space or in corners to distract from the edges between any patio and your garden.

They make for great stands to place any decorative statues, metal work or even small water features on, also. You could even incorporate a weather vane into one so it offers more than just aesthetic purpose!

Plinths could also be used as the base for a specific garden feature that has a practical use that could be made bespoke for you. For example, you could use the basic shape of a plinth to inspire a birdbath or a garden urn that could be filled with flowers and plants.

Of course, you could even have one in the house if you’re looking for a bit of grandeur - they make great stands for displaying any collective pieces of artwork or heirlooms.

Cast Stone Suppliers

Do you like the appearance of decorative stone items? Here at Shropshire Brick & Stone, we supply a number of decorative cast stone products including name and date stones for your property, plinths, corbels and more.

Have you got a specific item in mind that you’d love for us to create for you? We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service, so we’ll be more than happy to advise you on the best course of action for creating your bespoke stone product.

Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our experts.

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