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Cast Stone vs Natural stone: What’s the difference?

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Making a choice on a construction stone for your next project is a tough decision. We’re looking at the primary differences between natural stone and cast stone so that you can make a well informed decision!

Stone casting

Cast Stone

Cast stone is a refined building stone, made from a mix of aggregates, natural sands, quartz, cement, limestone & granite. This mix is poured into moulds that resemble the cut of natural stone. Cast stone can be made in a variety of colours and finishes and it can work as a substitute for bricks. Here are some factors to consider about cast stone:

● It can be manufactured to match existing stonework or to enhance new buildings

● If you’re looking for consistent colour and patterns in your building materials, cast stone can be tailored more to what an individual wants

● Cast stone is durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions

● Cast stone is cheaper than natural stone

● Lighter in weight, making it easier to transport and install

Natural Stone

Natural stone is as it sounds. It refers to products that have been directly quarried from the earth. They often have varying colours and grain patterns. Natural stone is renowned as a strong and timeless building material. Some of the key qualities of natural stone are:

● Natural stone changes over time, no two pieces are the same and they require minimal maintenance

● Versatility - natural stone can be used inside or outside, for unique countertops or splashbacks

● Natural stone is, however, the more expensive option of the two

● Meeting your project specifications with natural stone can be tricky and sourcing specific quantities can prove a challenge

● Extracting natural stone can be damaging to the environment and natural stones that are imported can increase carbon footprints

These are some key things to consider for each stone type, but it comes down to your preference too! If you’re willing to fork out and obtain a more unique look, then natural stone might be the better option for you. However, if you want the ability to tailor your project to your taste, a cast stone design may be a wiser choice.

Shropshire Brick & Stone

We are a specialist company with our range of bespoke cast stone products and brick cutting & bonding services. We are committed to providing you with excellent service and quality products.

If you are working on a project and have any enquiries or are interested in any of our products, feel free to visit us or contact us to speak to one of our team members today! We will be happy to help you with your queries and give you helpful advice.

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