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From Window Heads to Quoins: Cast Stone in House Design

Cast stone is a versatile and affordable material that can be used to create beautiful features in your home. From stone pillars to stone window headers, there is so much to choose from. These cast stone applications can increase kerb appeal and offer an element of grandeur to your home.


If you are considering renovating your home or looking for new ways to elevate a newly built home, here is why you should consider cast stone in your house design.

stone window sill

What is cast stone?

So what is cast stone? Cast stone is a special type of reconstituted stone. It is used in a range of building and construction applications and is typically preferred over natural stone due to its flexibility of installation and adaptability to create structural components. It is often used as an alternative to quarried stone as it looks, performs and weathers very similarly to natural stone but is significantly cheaper. Cast stone also offers greater strength, colour, texture and freeze/thaw resistance. In comparison to quarried stone, it doesn’t have any naturally occurring imperfections or stratification - making it much more versatile and adaptable than the alternative.

The history of cast stone

Cast stone has been used as a structural material for thousands of years, all the way back to ancient Rome. It was used as pozzolanic cement along with other natural aggregates. You will see cast stone used in the creation of many famous buildings and structures such as the vaulted archways and gateways of Rome’s Colosseum and the large span dome of Athens’ Pantheon. Since then, cast stone has been used in many different ways and in the modern world, we continue to use this quality material.

How is cast stone used?

Cast stone has been used for years but was particularly popular in Georgian Britain where many prestigious residential properties and public buildings were created using the material. Cast stone is still used by construction builders, architects and developers around the world to produce stunning architectural and commercial designs. It is often a widely chosen material for standard and bespoke stonework including window heads, portico designs, stone pillars and post stones. Gardeners and landscapers also enjoy the material for use as balustrades, steps, copings and cornices.

The benefits of cast stone

Cast stone is a great option for many reasons. Including:


-       Offers a similar performance to natural stone, while being a lot cheaper.

-       Different designs can be replicated very quickly and at volume; offering a significant cost saving in comparison to natural stone.

-       It is durable and sustainable and requires a lot less maintenance than natural stone.

-       It has a high compressive strength making it a great choice for structural needs.

-       It is adaptable and can be structurally reinforced.

-       Cast stone is versatile offering a broad range of designs, colours and material matching options.

-       This material weathers well.

Cast stone applications in house designs

Cast stone can be used in many different ways in a home design.

Window sills and stone window headers

Cast stone window sills are a popular choice because they add interest and architectural detail to brick, render or stone elevations. You can choose from a wide range of window sill designs or create your own bespoke window sills with the help of a cast stone supplier. Most sills are now made to order for exact window openings due to the popularity of PVC windows and the fact that standard window opening sizes are so rare. Stone window headers or cast stone window heads are made to offer an appealing aesthetic look but do not offer any structural support.

Cast stone quoins

Cast stone quoins are traditionally used as masonry blocks at the corner of the wall of your house. They are able to maximise the aesthetic of your building and you can choose from many different designs or create your own bespoke cast stone quoins. They are perfect for framing buildings and adding a little bit of extra detail.

Cast stone copings

Copings are designed to cap freestanding walls and give them protection from exposure to the elements. This helps them maintain an impressive look all year round and ensure the integrity of the wall, no matter what the weather throws at your home. A quality cast stone supplier will be able to meet any requirements for your coping stones and adhere to any height, length or width specifications.

Portico designs

A house design isn’t complete without a stunning cast stone portico. Porticos are beautiful stone entranceways to your home, impressing everyone who comes to visit - even the postman! They can be made to any requirements and offer a feeling of grandeur which can’t be found with many other types of porticos. Porticos incorporate stone pillars, a timeless design feature that You can choose from plain and fluted columns (available in solid or hollow forms for drainage) to semi-circular and elliptical options.

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