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Garden Wall Ideas: Choosing the Right Option for You

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Walls can affect the overall aesthetic of your garden, so it’s important to choose wisely. Read on for some garden wall ideas that will have your property looking stunning all year round.

Garden wall

Get curvy

Curved walls not only soften hard edges in the garden, but can also be used as a clever design device to visually open up areas, and help guide your journey through the space.

Incorporate a viewing window

If you have a large yard or benefit from an attractive view, then consider incorporating a viewing window into your garden wall. This will create a secret garden feel, and offer a carefully edited outlook onto another area.

Add a Mediterranean touch

White, clean-lined rendered walls offer a crisp, modern look, and are evocative of Italian and Mediterranean garden ideas. Add bright flowers for an exotic finish.

Build low walls to create rustic raised beds

If you’ve considered the potential for rock garden ideas in your yard, then random low stone walls, built in an informal line, will add a rustic country feel. They can be used to border beautiful raised beds and rockeries, as well as to define pathways.

It’s a brilliant way to break up a large yard, and makes tending to - and enjoying - plants much easier, as it raises them above ground level.

Enhance a sloping site with a tiered seating and planting area

A tiered, stepped area leading down to a sunken patio is one of the most fabulous sloped backyard ideas. Add levels for informal seating and low-maintenance planting, with steel edged beds. You could also incorporate crisp, white walls and stone-topped tiers - this will add a luxurious modern edge, while an integrated water table adds a serene feel to this backyard oasis.

Grow a living wall

Living, or green, walls, have become the must-have decorative design solution for residential gardens. Colourful and providing aesthetic and ecological benefits, living wall ideas make use of vertical surfaces for planting - particularly useful where space may be limited, but worthy as an impactful design feature in their own right. In urban areas, green walls can help keep buildings cool, improve air quality and reduce noise pollution, as well as provide a habitat for wildlife. They also help keep rain water away from exterior walls and provide insulation.

Increase your space by planting vertically

If you’re looking for small garden ideas that maximise planting space, then vertical planting is the solution. One of the main ways you can enhance the pleasure you get from your garden is to ensure that every single surface of the walls and fences are put to good use. Far too many of these potential growing spaces are left bare, when they could be transformed into a stylish feature.

Consider stone wall copings

Stone wall copings are the perfect way to add an element of timeless aesthetic style to your property. At Shropshire Brick & Stone (UK) Ltd we manufacture bespoke decorative coping stones. We offer a huge range of finishes and colours, proudly supplying our customers with affordable alternatives to natural stone wall protection. For more information on cast stone coping, contact us today.

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