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How to Care For and Maintain Your Cast Stone Products

Cast stone is a wonderful way to revamp your home and garden. Whether you opt for cast stone window sills, copings or pier caps. Many people choose cast stone because it is easy to maintain and protects other aspects of your home. Keep reading to learn how to maintain your cast stone products

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Cast stone maintenance

Cast stone doesn’t really need too much maintenance, at least not in the first few years. However, you should try to prevent any deterioration with regular maintenance of your gutters, downpipes and watercourses. You should check your stonework regularly to check any joints that may require attention and any vegetation that may have overgrown the stonework. Furthermore, any metal work such as railings that are fixed over the stonework can cause staining.

Cleaning cast stone

You’ll notice your cast stone weathers in a similar way to natural stone. Your cast stone may get dirty after some time, but this isn’t a problem if you are cleaning your stone regularly. Cleaning should be carried out by a qualified specialist contractor who has an understanding of various cleaning methods.

If you are carrying out the cleaning yourself, you should always carry out a test area before you begin cleaning the rest of the cast stone. Try to start with the least aggressive treatment and proceed to the next if necessary. You can first begin with a mild detergent using a bristle brush, not a wire brush. If the cast stone still needs further cleaning, opt for a proprietary non-acid-based masonry cleaner. Check that it is safe to use with cast stone. You may need to weaken the solution first and increase the strength if required. As the cleaning agent can cause damage to the stone, try to minimise the amount of time the cleaner is kept on the cast stone before washing off.

Finally, scrub off with cold water and do not leave the product to dry on the stone, before rinsing with a hosepipe. If the stains have still not lifted, you can try a hydrochloric acid-based cleaner, but you’ll need to practice great care.

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