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How to Choose the Right Window Sill for Your Windows

Window sills may seem like a small detail but they can make the world of difference to your property. Before making a choice, you will need to consider factors such as practicality, style and material. Read on to discover how to choose the right window sill for your windows.

Stone window sills

Consider practicality

When it comes to choosing a window sill, you will have to consider practical aspects. For example, will you be storing books and magazines on them? Will they need to be wide enough to fit potted pants or even any pets that may use the surface to curl up on?

Think about colour options

Colour is just as important as material choice when it comes to selecting the right window sill for you. Window sills for small spaces in particular can shape the whole ambiance of the room, so think carefully before making a firm colour choice. It’s wise to choose a tone that matches your windows, as this means it will fit in well with the rest of the room.

Find a style that works for you

Style is another factor you’ll need to think about when choosing window sills for your property. Think about how you want your space to look and function and try out different styles of sills until you find one that will work well in your apartment or on your office desk.

Decide on a material

Material can influence the appearance, functionality, and price of the product. It is best to choose sills that are only made out of one material because that way, you will not have to worry about whether or not they will fit with your other furniture pieces when placed inside an office or home decorating space. Here are some common window sill materials:


●      PVC window sills are a popular material and come in many different sizes, finishes, and colours, even available in options that look like stone. You can order one in any shape to create a custom look in your space. PVC window sills will also stand up to moisture, temperature changes, and heavy use.

●      Tile window sills come in materials such as ceramic, glass, concrete, or granite. Tile is an excellent choice for bathrooms or kitchens because of its durability.

●      A stone window sill will beautifully frame a window, providing a designer look to your room. Stone is also the most durable option you can install and will last forever.


At Shropshire Brick & Stone (UK) Ltd, we pride ourselves on creating classically beautiful stone sills that stand the test of time, with your design ideas and specifications at the heart of every project. The stone window sills we offer are guaranteed to make a stunning addition to any property. Our experienced team can create bespoke window sills of any length, width, height or size - so get in touch today for a quote.

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