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Pier Caps 101: Learn Everything You Need to Know

Pier caps are an architectural feature which combines the practical with the decorative in a sublime fashion, making for a stylish addition to any home. If you have gate pillars that look sparse, pier caps can fill the void as both a stylistic and foundational fixture for the walls of your property. Read on to learn all you need to know about pier caps from the experts at Shropshire Brick & Stone.

Red pier cap

What Are Pier Caps?

Pier caps, also known as pillar caps, are most commonly made of cast stone. They are used to decorate and protect the top of the wall, creating a stylish finish to the structure whilst also preventing it from water or other weather-based damage.

What Types Of Pier Caps Are Available?

Pier caps can come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, depending on the specific architectural style of the building or structure they are being used on. They could be flat or curved, square or round, or even can be adorned with decorative elements such as carvings and inscriptions.

At Shropshire Brick & Stone, we offer a selection of pier cap designs that bridge practicality with aesthetic appeal;

● Standard

● Classic

● Moulded

● Heritage

● Swept

● Ball finial

● Bespoke designs

Why Are Pier Caps Used?

Prevent Water Damage

Primarily, pier or pillar caps are used to protect the wall or column from water damage. With their signature protective covering, pier caps filter away rainwater from seeping into their structure. This keeps the columns and walls strong and resistant to mould, something especially important in areas which suffer from frequent rainfall or high levels of moisture.


Equally important is how pier caps can provide masterful decoration to a wall, column, or other structure. Pillar caps can be used on many different architectural features, from a monument to a garden wall, yet always add a classy sense of fullness whenever they are used. They bring an aesthetically-pleasing, cohesive look to a property that is undeniably charming to visitors and residents alike.

Structural Integrity

In addition to their functional and decorative roles, pier and pillar caps reinforce the structural integrity of a pier. They provide an additional layer of protection and architectural support, extending the lifespan of the structure. With a pier cap in place, its applications will be durable and incredibly resistant to damage over time.

Where Can I Buy Pier Caps?

Cast stone pier caps are available from Shropshire Brick & Stone, the specialists in architectural stone. Whether you’re interested in pillar caps’ decorative potential, practical benefits, or both, we can work with you to find a bespoke design solution for your property.

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