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The Art of Cast Stone: From Manufacturers to Installation

Cast stone is widely used in construction, for a variety of applications. Typically used as a decorative or a structural element, cast stone can be seen on homes across the country. But, where does it come from? Our blog is here to dive into how cast stone is manufactured, and how it gets to your home! To find out more, keep on reading!

What Is Cast Stone Made Of?

Dry-cast stone is the process we'll be looking at today. Wet cast and fibre reinforced cast stone are other forms of cast stone available. Cast Stone is a manufactured type of stone, consisting of:


●     Cement

●     Sand

●     Crushed Stone

●     Aggregates

●     Water

So, How Is It Manufactured?

Read below to learn how cast stone is manufactured, ready to be used at your home!

Creating The Perfect Mix

The first step in creating cast-stone is by creating the perfect mixture. Controlled and monitored levels of each component are added to the mixture, creating a balanced mix. It's important that the water content in the mixture is at an appropriate level. For semi-dry cast stone, a low water content is needed to keep the product easy to compact and mould.

Form The Stone

When the mixture is ready, there's a short window in which you need to act! The mixture is poured into a mould, which will allow it to solidify in the required shape. Cast stone can be used for walls, window sills, pier caps, porticos and many other decorative or practical uses.


Curing is another important step in the manufacturing process of cast stone. The correct curing process is crucial for cast stone, as it helps the product to achieve a high compressive strength. This helps it retain strength and stay strong during transportation and installation. It reduces the risk of damage and helps the product work properly.

Quality Check & Shipping

After the manufacturing process has taken place, your cast stone products will go through a quality check and inspection from a professional team member. They will check that there are no imperfections or serious damage to the product before it is then shipped off to different sites.


And once it’s been shipped off to cast stone suppliers, it’s ready to be installed at your home! Whether you’re going for decorative or protective cast stone structures, they are a durable and versatile investment!

Shropshire Brick & Stone: Precast Stone Products & More

If you’re looking for reliable cast stone suppliers, look no further. Here at Shropshire Brick & Stone, we offer a range of cast stone products alongside our expert brick cutting service. For more information about our products, check out our website or get in touch with our team today!

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