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The Benefits Of Stone Coping For Swimming Pools

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Stone coping or coping stones, are typically used as a cap on free standing walls and they are extremely effective in preventing rainfall from penetrating the wall and wearing it away. Keep reading to find our guide to the benefits of having stone coping for your swimming pool.

Swimming pool

What Is Stone Coping?

Stone coping will look like a flat top on top of any free-standing walls. The coping typically overhangs the wall slightly, with a drip channel to protect the wall from rainfall and moisture. Not only does coping protect your wall from moisture, it has another purpose. Stone coping is also very effective when it comes to protecting the actual structure of your walls, by applying pressure and weighing down all the materials together. This lets your walls remain as a solid structure, protects them, and prevents the wall materials from flaking away.

Stone Coping Styles

There are a variety of stone coping styles that can be used on your walls and they provide different kinds of protection to your walls.

Flat Coping

Flat stone coping is very common, and has a minimalistic feel to it. This style of stone coping is seamless and will suit a range of property types with its modern aesthetic.

Once-Weathered Coping

Once weathered coping is a style that is perfect for when you want to control the direction in which the rainfall is falling off of your wall. The angle of their design and the name ‘Once Weathered’ refers to the way a majority of the rainfall will fall off of one side of the stone coping. This can then be directed into a gutter, or wherever you want excess water to end up.

Twice-Weathered Coping

Twice weathered coping is similar to the once weathered style, however there are differences. The main difference is that with twice weathered stone coping is designed so that rainfall falls off in two directions, rather than just one. It is a good design for protecting your walls.

Stone Coping For Your Swimming Pool

Pool coping is a stylish and sleek way to enhance your pool and also provide protection. If you have a pool, or are having one put into your back garden, then coping is an extremely common feature to invest in.

Stone coping can be useful for a range of reasons. They are effective in helping to support your pool cover equipment and they can help to protect your pool from natural debris such as leaves and twigs. They can also be useful in protecting the surrounding area of your pool, and helping to maintain any excess water flow.

When your pool is built, there may still be exposed construction material, and coping will cover this. Coping can also be a landscaping tool, with a range of cuts and finishes, you can use stone coping to add your own personal design elements to the aesthetic of your pool.

Types Of Swimming Pool Coping

There are a range of swimming pool coping styles that you can choose from to make sure your pool aesthetic is exactly how you want it to look.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is a beautiful and unique option for your swimming pool. Materials like limestone and granite can be a popular choice for swimming pool coping. Natural stones are a little more expensive, and require a little more maintenance than other materials, however, they have an individual aesthetic which can be an important factor to some individuals.


Bricks are another option for your pool coping material, and they are chlorine resistant so you don’t need to worry about chlorine damage. They also come in a range of colours and finishes, so you can pick a style that suits you. Luckily, damaged bricks can be replaced easily if they need to be, which is convenient for the homeowner.

Composite Materials

Composite materials are affordable, easy to mould and cut. Therefore, for curved pool shapes or difficult corners, then composite materials are easy to manipulate. Additionally, they are water resistant, making them sturdy and strong for swimming pools.

Concrete Paving

Concrete pavers come in a range of sizes and finishes too, giving you some design freedom. They are a water resistant material, so they are ideal for swimming pools. Much like bricks, they are sturdy and can be replaced relatively easily.

Choosing The Right Material

Choosing the right material for your pool coping can be a tough decision, so when you are deciding, here are some key things to consider:

● Durability - Ensure that the material you are choosing is durable and meets your requirements. Whether it’s anti-slip natural stone or composite materials, choose the material that will work best in your situation.

● Price - You should choose a material and finish that is within your budget. This will help you decide what is appropriate.

● Safety - Considering the safest material option can help you make the correct decision too. Safety is a big factor, especially when it comes to a pool, so be sure to consider this in your decision.

● Style - Aesthetics and style will also be a part of your decision. So, after considering factors such as price, safety and durability, you can think about aesthetics and how you want the design of the stone to look. This can be an important factor, as many people want their pool to match the aesthetic of their home.

Benefits Of Stone Coping For Swimming Pools

If you are considering opting for stone coping, there are a range of benefits that you should be aware of:


Materials like natural stones are beautifully unique and they create a great aesthetic for any property. It can create a beautiful look to your pool. Other materials also come in a range of finishes, so if uniqueness is not what you are looking for, then uniform, minimalistic designs are also available to you. Considering the different design options available, you can customise your stone coping to match your tastes perfectly.


Stone coping retains its natural beauty and will keep its quality for a long time, so pool owners and users will not have to worry about maintaining the stone, as it is a relatively low maintenance addition to your swimming pool.


Having appropriate pool safety measures is very important, to keep any pool users from being injured around the pool. Stone coping is a good safety measure, with natural stone having anti-slip properties, this is a good preventative measure to take. Additionally, having stone coping is a good way to give swimmers a secure way to get out of the pool, they can lift themselves out at any point around the edge of the pool instead of having to get to the steps to exit.

Property Value

An extreme advantage of investing in stone coping for your pool, is the added value to your property. The upgraded aesthetics and beauty of natural rock patterns can create a significant increase in your properties' beauty, and your properties value. You can also be assured that, with stone coping, it will last a long time in your home, so you can rest assured that the value of your home has gone up.


If your environmental impact is important to you, sustainable materials such as natural stone are extremely sustainable. Natural stone primarily, requires less energy to produce than other materials, making it a more eco-friendly option. Other materials can still be sustainable, and they are also durable as well, which makes them good for poolside materials.

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