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The Ultimate Guide to Cast Stone Porticos

A portico is a covered entranceway which is usually supported by columns. Cast stone porticos are a popular choice for homes and businesses because they are durable, attractive and can be customised to fit any style. If you are looking for a great way to update your home, cast stone porticos might be the answer.


In this guide, we will discuss the different types of cast stone portico designs, the benefits of choosing cast stone and how cast stone porticos are installed.

large house with stone portico

Types of portico designs

There are two main types of cast stone porticos: freestanding and attached.


-       Freestanding porticos are supported by their own columns and do not attach to the house. They are typically used as a standalone entryway or as a covered porch.

-       Attached porticos are attached to the house and are supported by the house's foundation. They are typically used as a covered entryway or as a front porch.

Benefits of cast stone porticos

There are many benefits to choosing cast stone for your portico, including:


-       Durability: Cast stone is a very durable material that can withstand the elements for many years.

-       Aesthetic: Cast stone is a beautiful material that can add kerb appeal to your home or business.

-       Customisation: Cast stone can be customised to fit any style. You can choose from a variety of colours, textures and designs.

-       Low maintenance: Cast stone is a low-maintenance material that requires little upkeep.

Installing a cast stone portico

Installing a cast stone portico is a relatively simple process, but we recommend hiring a qualified contractor to do the job. The steps involved in installing a cast stone portico include:


-       Preparing the site: The first step is to prepare the site for the portico. This includes clearing the area of debris and levelling the ground.

-       Setting the foundation: The next step is to set the foundation for the portico. This can be done using concrete or masonry blocks.

-       Installing the columns: Once the foundation is set, the columns can be installed. The columns should be level.

-       Installing the lintel: The lintel is the horizontal beam that supports the roof of the portico.

-       Installing the roof: The roof of the portico can be made of a variety of materials, such as metal, wood or tile.

-       Installing the trim: The trim around the portico can be made of a variety of materials, such as wood, stone or metal.


A cast stone portico is a beautiful and durable addition to any home or business. It can add kerb appeal, provide shelter from the elements, and make your entryway more inviting. If you are considering adding a portico to your home or business, cast stone is a great option. Get in touch with the team at Shropshire Brick & Stone UK Ltd today.


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