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What Is Decorative Cast Stone – Various Types and Their Applications

If you are looking for ways to make your home unique, decorative cast stone might be the answer. Available in a wide range of types, decorative cast stone is ideal for many home styles. It is a popular choice for many buildings - and for good reason. Whether you are searching for decorative coping stones, curved coping stones or window sills, cast stone is a very versatile option that can be used for many different things.


Here is a guide to decorative cast stone products and what they can be used for.

Cast stone

What is decorative cast stone?

Cast stone is an artificial stone made from a mixture of cement, sand and aggregate. It is often used to create architectural elements, such as columns, balustrades and facades. Cast stone is durable and long-lasting, and it can be made to look like a variety of natural stones, such as granite, marble and limestone. It is also relatively easy to work with, and it can be cut, shaped and drilled.

How is it made?

The process of making cast stone begins with mixing the cement, sand and aggregate together. The mixture is then poured into a mould, and the mould is vibrated to remove air bubbles. The cast stone is then cured for a period of time. After curing, it is ready to be used.

Types of decorative cast stone products

Decorative cast stone can be found in a variety of different moulds and shapes, these include:


-       Window sills - Sit underneath your windows for decoration.

-       Copings - Cover the top of stone walls, adding protection and aesthetic.

-       Porticos - Used to create a grand entryway to a building.

-       Stone signs - Used for house names, dates or numbers.

-       Plinths - Used for raising urns and planters or for mounting sculptures, statues and sundials.


You can also find other cast stone products such as:

-       Slips

-       Pistols

-       Surrounds

-       Chimneys

-       Quoins

-       Corbels

-       Pilasters


Shropshire Brick & Stone UK Ltd provides many different types of decorative cast stone products including porticos, coping stones and much more. Get in touch today to learn about the different types we offer. We can help you renovate or build your dream home. Visit our website to learn more about our decorative coping stones and other cast stone products.

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