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Why Cast Stone Is The Perfect Building Material For You

If you are embarking on a new construction project, you might be looking for your next building materials. A classic debate is between cast stone, and natural stone building materials. Keep reading to find our complete guide to cast stone.

Cast stone window frame

What Is Cast Stone?

Cast stone is one of the oldest types of concrete and is used as a great substitute for natural construction stone. It is used in many construction projects and homes across the UK.

In comparison to natural stone, cast stone does have a range of advantages that should not be ignored!

How Is It Made?

Although cast stone resembles natural stone very closely, there are some differences that come from the way it is made. Cast stone is a mixture of cement and natural aggregates. This mixture is then moulded into various shapes to then be used in construction projects.

Advantages Of Cast Stone

● Good range of shapes and sizes - Cast stone has a range of shapes and sizes, because of the cast stone manufacturing process, it can be moulded and shaped in a variety of ways.

● Specific requirements - If you have awkward shapes or spaces on your property, cast stone can cater to that. Because it is poured into a mould, it can be used for more awkward or difficult specifications.

● Cost effective - Cast stone is cheaper to buy than natural stone. Additionally, it is more environmentally conscious because it is man made, and can use recycled aggregates. As opposed to taking natural stone from the Earth, which creates more emissions overall.

● Durable & reliable - Cast stone is durable, reliable and free from colour erosion, which makes it a great choice of construction material for outdoor projects.

● Minimal maintenance - Because of their manufacturing process, cast stone products are far more durable and less susceptible to damages. They require little maintenance and they are easy to manage.

Is Cast Stone Right For Me?

If you’re looking for something that will fit seamlessly into your home, and work around unusual spaces, then cast stone could be the perfect alternative to natural stone. For larger projects, you can even reinforce your cast stone with steel or other metal reinforcements

Shropshire Brick And Stone

Here at Shropshire Brick and Stone, we want to help supply you with the right building materials for your project.

For any further enquiries or information, feel free to contact us today and speak to one of our team members. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will do our best to advise you!

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