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Your Guide to Window Sill Materials

If you’re building your home from scratch or just want to update a few of the exterior features, you may be trying to choose which window sill material to go for. Window sills are available in a range of materials, each suited to different home styles and requirements. You’ll want to consider architectural details, your home’s style and your lifestyle. You can choose between wood, stone, cast stone, tile and PVC.

Here’s what you need to know about each material to help you make your decision.

Window sill

Stone window sills

Stone window sills are one of the most beautiful types of window sills. Not only does it offer a great look, but it is also the most durable option and will last forever. You can choose between quartz, corian, marble, granite or cast stone. Cast stone is very similar to natural stone but is a fraction of the price, so is often more beneficial to choose. A stone window sill will resist moisture, humidity and sunlight and requires very little maintenance.

It’s important to find a quality cast stone supplier when seeking concrete sills or stone window sills to ensure you are getting the best quality.

Wooden window sills

Many people opt for wooden window sills as they are high-quality, durable and also add insulation. You can choose to keep your wooden window sill natural and emphasise the grain pattern or paint over it with fun colours. Oak, maple, mahogany and chestnut are all great choices and are commonly used for wooden window sills.

PVC window sills

PVC is a less environmentally friendly option but comes in many different sizes, finishes and colours. You can even find ones that look like cast stone. Using PVC allows you to order custom window sills to create any look you would like. They withstand moisture, temperature changes and heavy use, so don’t require too much maintenance.

Tile window sills

Tile windows offer excellent durability and are a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. They will resist sunlight and moisture and require little maintenance. However, they can get dirty quickly so need to be cleaned regularly.

Looking for Bespoke Stone Window Sills?

Are you looking for quality stone window sills or cast stone window heads? Look no further than Shropshire Brick & Stone UK. We offer high-quality cast stone products, so get in touch today to learn more.

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