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Cast Stone for Your Home: 6 Ideas

Cast stone is an easy way to improve the look of your home instantly. It is a highly versatile material with many applications and can be used for all sorts of design features. If you’re renovating your home or garden, you may look for new ideas to make your home look and feel great. Whether that means a new garden feature or brand new window sills, there are many exciting ways to update your space.

Keep reading to learn how cast stone can improve your home renovations.

Apex cap


Coping is an addition to your outside walls that can provide a quality finish as well as protect them from the weather. They look smart but are pieces of cast stone designed to prevent the brick or render from getting soaked during wet weather. You can choose from flat, curved and once or twice-weathered.

Gate piers

These are used on your gates to create a beautiful entrance to your home. Cast stone enables you to create stunning features at a more affordable cost. You can even use cast stone to replicate existing damaged stone features and piers to complete your entrance and create a grand look.

Gate pier caps and finials

For a greater impact, opt for stunning distinctive finials. Available in many shapes, finials look luxurious.

String course

String course is a decorative feature that offers a degree of quality to your home. Whether a new build or restoration, cast stone string course can increase curb appeal and add value to your property. You’ll need to incorporate it into building plans, but it isn't too expensive.


Paving is a great addition to many gardens, you can get cast stone paving colour-matched to your existing slabs and you can even choose to engrave them with a personal message, house name, number or a memory. You could even make your very own hopscotch for the little ones!

Engraved house signs

You can ask your cast stone supplier to engrave a beautiful house sign for your home. You can choose from formal lines to silver lettering or scrolled fonts. Cast stone engravers will be well-versed in creating beautiful pieces of stone for your home.

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