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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose A Cast Stone Fireplace

Cast stone is a great alternative to a natural stone installation, where this precast concrete substitute is cheaper, lighter and longer lasting than traditional stone. It can also be modelled, coloured and finished according to a range of design preferences, so you can build an entirely unique stone installation for your property.


Both inside and outside the home, cast stone makes for a great choice, where it can be used to build window sills, garden pillars and decorative sculptures. You can also use cast stone to construct an authentic fireplace for your living room. A fireplace is typically made up of a mantel, surrounds and a hearth, all of which can be made from cast stone bricks.


Read on to find out more about the many benefits of choosing cast stone for your domestic fireplace.

cast stone fireplace

Easy Installation

Due to its lightweight nature, cast stone can easily be installed in your home, compared to natural stone which can be difficult to handle. The manufacturing process involved in the creation of cast stone also means that each brick can be identically sized, making a symmetrical fireplace much easier to construct than if you were using natural stones.


As cast stone is made from precast concrete, it is an incredibly durable and hard wearing material. This is essential for a fireplace installation, where this space will be subjected to regular wear and tear on a regular basis. Cast stone is also sufficiently fire resistant to be used in this sensitive area without any adverse effects on its appearance.

Aesthetic Appeal

Cast stone is also immensely popular due to its aesthetic appeal. These bricks can be made to resemble natural stone, whilst they can also be manufactured in a range of exciting colours to create a truly unique installation. You may also wish to benefit from the variety of attractive finishes on offer when it comes to designing your cast stone pieces.


In addition, cast stone is much more affordable than natural stone, meaning it is a popular option for homeowners on a budget. With cast stone you will still be able to enjoy the benefits of a hard wearing fireplace, without worrying about high material costs and pricey installation fees.

Shropshire Brick & Stone: Cast Stone Installations & Brick Cutting Services

At Shropshire Brick & Stone, we can provide you with a range of attractive cast stone installations, whether you’re looking for a prefabricated brick arch or a decorative garden water feature. Alternatively, you can source your own pre-cut bricks, where you may require concrete staddle stones to support your new build or cast stone bricks for your domestic fireplace. Simply get in touch today to find out more about our full range of services.



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